For the past few years I suffered from “frozen” shoulders. First the left and later the right. I also developed lower back pain. I went through long courses of physical therapy for my shoulders with little relief. I began working with a trainer who suggested I meet with a Fascial Stretch Therapist for an evaluation. I have had regular FST sessions for the past few months. I am now pain free in my lower back and I have made significant progress in both shoulders. My range of motion has increased and my pain has subsided. My therapist is an experienced professional committed to improving his clients’ well-being. I highly recommend Fascial Stretch Therapy for anyone suffering from pain or limited range of motion.

Doreen Z.

I received an e-mail to try Fascial Stretch Therapy. Sounded interesting, nothing to lose but 60 minutes and I was surely skeptical. I went through the treatment and the concept of the therapy made sense. So I scheduled another. I must digress to explain my impediment….physically inflexible where tissues are extraordinarily tight. As a result I cannot touch my toes, reach to touch shoulder blades, and body/joint pain is the norm. In the pursuit of relief I sought Chiropractic and Massage appointments, though the relief was temporary. I started working out with a trainer at the gym, while effective, was not making solid progress, and my body was tight and generally not feeling good. Back to my next session with my therapist…WOW! After that hour, I felt taller and lighter. No more, am I skeptical and now a true believer. Signed up for many more treatments as I wanted to be, and feel healthy. Slowly but surely, he worked on bringing flexibility, mobility and relief by stretching and manipulating tissues and joints. He is incredibly well trained and passionate about making a positive change. I have never been this flexible, never had workout sessions be this effective, and most importantly just a general feeling of comfortableness in my body. As a result of FST, my Chiropractor was impressed by how easy it was for him to treat me. One time he asked me who’s this new person and what I had been doing to make such a change…simple response… FST! The effectiveness this work delivers is tremendously understated!

Bradley U.

About six months ago I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, and had been suffering from chronic back pain for about a year. I did a few months of physical therapy, but did not find much relief for my back pain. My trainer recommended I schedule a Fascial Stretch Therapy session and I am so grateful he did! After only one session I felt an immediate difference with my back and decided to continue seeing him once a week. I have been doing FST for a few months now, and my back pain has significantly improved! My therapist also gave me some great stretches I can do at home, and that has been very helpful. I am very grateful for everything he has done for me, and would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from aches and pains. He really takes the time to understand what is going on with your body and assess how he can improve your mobility and flexibility. FST has become an important part of my wellness program.

Lety A.

I am a 69 year old woman who does Pilates, generally works out and plays 9-hole “ladies golf.” About two years ago, I sustained an injury to my glut and hamstring complex by carrying a heavy suitcase up a flight of stairs. Progress was stalled when I received an offer from Stretchwerks to try out a free service and was intrigued by Fascial Stretch Therapy. That’s when the real progress began. My physical therapist warned me to expect months of recovery and Pilates was also a part of the answer. After a consistent period of 4-5 months of weekly stretch therapy, I am pain-free. What I appreciate most about working with my therapist is that he is methodical in his approach. He always knows where we left off and checks in by email on progress. As he has pursued higher levels of certification, he used the opportunity to present my case to national experts for their recommendations. Thus, I have received the benefit of the latest techniques to aid my recovery. Personally, Joe is warm, compassionate, encouraging and fun to work with. Yet, he has high expectations to keep clients working hard. I highly recommend him.

Susan M.

I’m a 67 year old retiree with a passion for golf. For over 5 years now, I play at least 125 rounds a year between Puerto Rico and Chicago. My routine is playing golf every other day and exercising at Lifetime every other day. Because of persistent body pains related to golf as well as limited range of motion, I began to stretch with once a week. The results so far are amazing! My pain is gone, the need to use pills eliminated, and my flexibility in my swing improved significantly. My scoring is now much improved and results are steady. Following my recommendation, my son-in-law, also an avid golfer is now doing Fascial Stretch Therapy as well. He is already reporting fantastic results!

Roberto P.

I am someone who has been bodybuilding for about 8 years now. About two year ago, I suffered from a back injury where I shifted my sacrum while deadlifting, and my back had hurt ever since. I would go to the chiropractor to help alleviate the pain, but that was only a temporary solution. On top of my back injury, my hamstrings had always been extremely tight and inflexible. I saw the Fascial Stretch Therapy sign up sheet and decided to give it a shot, hoping it’d solve my back and hamstring problems. Not only is my therapist a super personable guy, but he definitely knows his trade. After the first hour consultation, I immediately signed up for 5 sessions, and it was well worth it. He found other areas where I needed improvement and where I seemed like a great candidate for FST. After only 2 of the 5 sessions, my back has not flared up since, my hamstrings are way more flexible, and my entire body feels more flexible and functioning. Even my workouts are more intense, as I feel I can engage certain body parts even better. I even got my mom to sign up for 5 sessions as well, and she has also seen improvements after only a couple sessions. I highly recommend going through with FST. Your body will thank you.

John N.