Get Fresh Oxygen Flow

Lack of oxygen flow can hinder your performance, as well as lead to serious injury within your joints. Pains, aches and tension can be felt when you begin to exercise if these areas haven’t been supplied with the oxygenated blood. Stretching encourages flow of fresh oxygen through your bloodstream to the rest of the body, not only relieving pain and reducing injury, but aiding in your movement performance.

Improve Muscle Function

Stretching will also help with your muscle function and a concept known as ‘muscle remodeling,’ which is the body’s increased capacity for exercise through physiological, structural, and metabolic changes. Stretching will also help with muscle remodeling, connective tissue strengthening, range-of-motion improvement, joint alignment and potentially blood flow during subsequent exercise.

Additional PERFORM treatment benefits:

  • Improved athletic performance
  • Reduced risk of injuries
  • Improved strength

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